Sunday, 18 March 2012


How's it going? Well, on this end, the spring cleaning isn't going too badly... cleared out some old entries and it gave me a chance to clear out my album in Picasa to make room for more comic pages. Not that I was running out of space or anything, but it's always nice to get back more space. Felt refreshing too.

Also, I still can't get my head around making a decent background for this blog. Ugh, resolutions n' crap.

Anyways, here's a new illustration. I've got a feeling for calligraphy pens lately and they're after becoming my preferred choice for inking my comics with. I whipped up the lines for the above illustration yesterday, 5.0 calligraphy pen on the reverse of watercolour paper, after which, I went out and bought two more pens.

It's funny how it came to be. I just found an old calligraphy pen lying around in my room one day, having no knowledge of where it came from. Later that day, I went on to experiment with it.

I'm just really fond of how I can vary the lines with these pens, just like I can vary them when I ink digitally.

So that is my new medium for producing the inks for my comic. Also, I find doing it out in landscape format works more in my favour too. I can get a lot more panels per page and combine pages together to make a nice, lengthy page. More story, more progress. Hopefully.

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