Sunday, 15 January 2012

Triggs' 3rd!

Happy Birthday Triggs!

Yep, the little guy is 3 years old now. Hard to think it's been that long.

Anyways, celebratory picture! I made it big enough to be a wallpaper... dunno if it'll fit most. This is approx. my res, so... if you like this enough that you want it, gimme a shout and I'll upload a suitable res for you.

So, just to recap... I can't remember if I've posted the very first sketch I've ever done of him here before. Just in case...

Holy mother. Oh god. OK. So you see my point.

I mean holy crap.

So there we go.


Word on VERMILION for a wee second... yeah, so we had an update in the first week of January.
Unfortunately, college work has begun to kick my ass again and my arm is once again in pain.

So it's forcing me to rethink my plan for this... how I go about drawing it out.

I've come to realise that I'm more pleased with my sketch comics than anything else. I could use my left hand, but also make them neater... and they wouldn't take that long to do....

mmm, I don't know

I'm just in a very concerned frame of mind again where I need to look after myself first before all else.

I shall see... in the mean time, not sure when there'll be an update next. Sorry about this.

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  1. I'm not sure if I've known Triggs since his inception, but I do know that I've really taken a lot of pleasure in watching him develop since whatever point in time I took notice of him. That goes for everything surrounding him too; All of the characters & concepts are excellent! I wasn't sure what to expect of VERMILION, but I'm really loving every moment of it anyways- I find myself checking for updates constantly. It's all been very successful, and I know the future only promises more. Happy birthday Triggs, cheers to you!! And to Hayley, who created it all and has me striving to make comics of my own someday- cheers to her<3