Sunday, 28 August 2011

WIPpin'... WIPpin'...

Working on this nearly broke my heart today.
Now I do save my work on a regular basis...
but I just so happened not to today and I lost a lot of colouring work when the program crashed on me.

well, argh

Anyway, this is a new big illustration... big in the sense that it's 600dpi and 6963x4700 px.

aw yeah

might a poster for an upcoming Zenpop magazine?
might be a print to sell for when I do next attend another convention?
It'll be something anyway.

Also, about VERMILION...
there are still only five pages completed
that preview for Nom-Con... I don't think went ahead as I think the copies of the new mag weren't back in time


I am off to Portugal in less than 2 weeks time.
I hope that my arm will heal with the nice hot weather and swimming (and my neck as well - that started to act up because of it).
And so I hope to get the line art to a good few more pages done while I'm there.
I hope. It's hard to promise when the pain has been bad and staying there for a few days.
But I'll try my best. C:

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