Friday, 19 August 2011

Space Officer... Trixie?

This isn't the first time I attempted a gender bend of Triggs... but a definite 'yes' where Caoimhe's concerned.

Largely inspired by the gender-swaps of Adventure Time, I wanted to give it a proper try myself.

They turned out pretty alright I guess... Caoimhe was gonna be awkward to swap anyway, but Triggs... damn, he might as well be a female... =u=;


Prolly surprising for most, Caoimhe's name is not difficult to get a male version of - 'cos in reality it would be Kevin. 'Caoimhe' is an Irish female take on the name Kevin. So yeah, it works.

Triggs was a different matter though. 'Triggs' - short for Trigger - has no female alternative, so a name that rhymed was in order...

Trixie. It's close enough. :L

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