Sunday, 24 April 2011

We Be Zoomin': analysis

So last night, I quite literately dropped a bombshell, with this:

A new comic? Yes. Longer than the others I've done to date? Totally.
But this was to happen at the worst possible time, so I'm afraid I dunno when the next page could come.

Well, here's the thing...
The story came to me on a whim, a spur of the moment, something short I could work with and something fun. But when I was actually arranging the panels and fixing the line art last night, for some flippin' reason I was bonkers enough to go all out with something small that I could've actually finished in a week. Well that hope of simplicity seems all lost now.

Then I thought: how some comics have one detailed page at the beginning and the rest are flat? But I'm now uber pleased with the first page that I want to continue with those colours and textures, even though I'd never thought I'd have the dexterity and patience to carry on doing that for every page I hope to produce in the future.

In short, I need to get my priorities sorted. XD

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