Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Encounters from beyond

I will confess, aliens leave me bewildered. It's as if all the good designs have been taken and anything I try and attempt to design I am hesitant. I either think I'll create something overly complicated or something too simple that it's boring.

It's a conundrum.

I've even been looking at everyday household objects to find interesting shapes to model aliens on.
This for example is based on our Sky remote control. It's a working design for a 'space elf'.

Another thing I find myself doing is giving my aliens a chicken like body. :I Yeah, like that'll go down well.

"AH! A BIG SCARY... oh sh*t it's just a weird looking chicken. Oddly similar to the last one you just blew up."

Anyways, I guess the only remedy IS just to keep looking around for unusual shaped objects and different animals other than chickens...

Ah. This looks a bit better. Alright, not the most original looking alien in the world, yes, I'll work on that. But I wanted to visualize a confrontation. Or the cause. Whatever, there'll be a little rough housing with a 7 foot alien. What am I on about? There'll be a lot a rough housing with aliens of all sorts every now and again. Of course. And maybe the odd few chickens if we're lucky.

I'm sorry, I'm under the influence of a cold right now and I can't stop thinking about chickens, what is wrong with me?

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