Friday, 11 March 2011

They're warming up now.

Guess what. I've been working on new reference pictures. Even a whole main cast line up depicting full body images and height differences. Something I really oughta have honed by now but to no avail. 

In the upcoming months, I hope to release the concepts to the pilot episode VERMILLION, and hoping to get this series to some type of kick start.

Y'know... I was asked about the demographic for this comic. Shonen? Shojo?
I'm actually not going in the manga direction with this one to be honest. Like, in terms of genre type thingamajigs.
The one word I now prefer to refer to this comic as is 'masala'. 
Only because I found out it's a genre of sorts whilst the prime is being action (Bollywood, yes, gah, what like) and it means mixture... something I want to do with this series. I want each story to vary.
I just like the word 'masala' in all fairness and sounds pretty neat. :'D


  1. A demographic does not describe a genre.. It only gives a fair idea of recurring genres...

  2. Masala? Sounds delicious. :3

    This'll be awesome, fo'sho. I gotta get around to references too...

  3. @ Anonymous - when I said demographic, I was trying to explain that it's neither gonna be a comic aimed for males or females, but instead it's just gonna be a mix, hence 'masala'. Because 'shonen' means aimed at a male audience, and 'shojo' aimed for a girls audience. But that's thinking in terms of manga, and I don't want to do that with this. I guess I should've explained more properly on the post. :)