Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wishful thinking...

Today, I finished The Devil's Playhouse, and to be fair, watching the ending sequence made my heart sink and brought a tear to my eye.
Now, I'm not gonna go into another one of these long-winded, over-meaningful speeches that I have a tendency to do from time to time when I truly appreciate something, but I love Sam & Max.
A lot.
In almost one year, it's just captivated me and influenced me a lot with it's colourful characters and their intriguing plots. Not to mention the artwork being simply ace.

So... I have this fantasy of an adventure that Triggs and Caoimhe would go on with Sam & Max... 
Perhaps the Freelance Police wind up in the year 3020 and string of unusual events unfold which they must overcome to return to the 21st Century... with the aid of yer wan and her robot Yorkie. XD

Just a dream. I love Sam & Max so much. 

Sam & Max created and © Steve Purcell


  1. Aww, but that would be cool!

  2. @ happyaggro - perhaps an idea for Season 4??? *shot*

    Oh, well, I can dream! XD