Sunday, 7 July 2013

concept art: The Moon Arc + other news

There's been a lot of planning and preparation over the past few months, and still much more to do. It does explain the piece above however.

This concept art was done to envision or capsulise the overall feel or theme the first arc of the series will have once I begin writing it.
Unless I can think of a better name, it is known as The Moon Arc.

Remember that bow-wearing vigilante to the right? Well the comic which featured this character will still be continued in between work on VERMILION and other things I need to do, so don't worry if you think I've forgotten about it.

Speaking of VERMILION, I may be going in over my head here, but I have vowed to finish it within this year. Or at least, only have maybe 3 more pages to finish come 2014.

What a funny comic it has been to work on really, with nothing to go on but a whim and the sparkly eyed enthusiasm I had back in 2011. The unorthodox ways which I went about making this comic means that at its completion it is going to be some avant garde looking... um, something or other. I've had ups and downs with this comic but overall, I'm happy for what I've learned so far along the way whilst writing it. And lemme tell you, in the future, I'll have things better planned out. I swear.

I have also been pondering the possibility of creating a brand new website for uploading future comics, art, and news to, which would mean this blogspot site would become obsolete. It's been fine to use all this time, but I feel an expansion into a full customisable website would be so much better as now I feel the functions of this blogging platform has become limiting. However, that won't come for another good while yet, but I'll keep you posted on that in the future.

So keep an eye out for more VERMILION in the next few weeks!!

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