Monday, 1 April 2013

enter: Cinqo [part 1]

I've been super busy so of course it's the right time to write a one-off introducing a new character especially when my arm is aching, of course it is.

But I'm excited to introduce you... to Cinqo.

you say it like 'sinko'

To be continued...


~And Now A Public Service Announcement~

What is Chroma? Chroma is the first anthology from Zenpop Indie Comics, which will feature 11 beautiful technicoloured stories from Zenpop artist (like me) and two guest artists!

I am writing the magenta hued comic titled Das My Bai, a comic in memory and to pay tribute to my Yorkie, Jack, who passed away last November.

Here's some sample work and concepts!

If you wanna see this, plus the 10 other sweet upcoming stories, we need your support to get this funded! For £10 you are guaranteed a copy of the book, and the gifts for donating get bigger and better!

You can even spare a few bob via PayPal too.

So check out the campaign and spread the word! Your support will be massively appreciated!

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