Saturday, 21 July 2012

VERMILION reschedule

what are leg physics amirite

Okay, so I've had to rethink my game plan with VERMILION, now as I'm also writing a Spirou fan comic which is very close to my heart.

So it's gonna go down like this: I'm gonna write both comics in rotation. What's that mean exactly? Well, it means every 2-3 months, I'll give my attention to one comic and work on 5 pages of that and upload them once complete. Then, I'll do the exact same with the the other comic for the next few months, and upload them in bulk.

This was the fairest way I could think up of to produce both comics. Sure, the waiting time is gonna be a lot longer, but for each upload, you get more pages! 5 pages man! Now to me, that doesn't sound too bad.

Now of course with the summer holidays, time has been more generous to me. Of course, once college starts in September, it's gonna be a bit tricky. But that'll just mean I'll hafta plan my time carefully and keep some drawing energy reserved for these two ventures.

But luckily, I just finished the first 5 pages of my fan comic (which, you can check out here, if you'd like!), which means I'll be back to resuming VERMILION very shortly! And you'll get a nice big update within a month or 2.

My apologies for not haven't updated in quite some time, but hopefully now, things will be updated more steadily. :D

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