Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Facebook, pomegranates and an omake arcade...

   Hey everyone! Summer's here! And I have finished my first year in college. I enjoyed it so much and it was a fantastic experience, but it went too fast. But anyways I have a summer of comicking ahead (and maybe potential employment, gotta wait and see...).

   First off, I'll like to share with you, this! The Triggs fan page on Facebook:

   So if you would like to like, that would be incredibly appreciated. I need to sort out some of these networks I have, in regards to the content I release on each...
I post a lot of Triggs sketches on my personal tumblr, but I'm in the process of revamping the tumblr I made specifically for Triggs stuff.

   Perhaps I may release certain content on certain networks... perhaps things just for FB and things just for tumblr, I'll need to sort this out somewhat...

and fix up this blog a bit more. Oops.

   When I say I have a summer of comicking... I mean it. I may be going off on a tangent, but as I continue to write VERMILION, I'll be in the process of writing another comic...

Well goodness, what's this? Yep. It's-a Spirou.

   I've decided to take the leap and write a full out, unofficial fan album of Spirou et Fantasio. Non-profit of course. Just a labour of love.

   You can click on the cover above to read more about it. So I'll admit, this may slow down updates on VERMILION. But I can assure you, I'm gonna work my hardest to bring you both of these comics. I'm going to draw up the next few pages of VERMILION and build up another buffer for myself, so updates will continue over the summer.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a little omake arcade, based off the Stargazing prose and illustration, with dialogue written by ~FlairCube on deviantART, and doodled by myself on drawr.

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