Friday, 29 July 2011


I came across the album 8bit Heart by Simon Curtis today. To my surprise, it was available absolutely free from his website:

Upon listening to the whole thing, it gave me an added boost - inspirational wise - as I felt lately I have been loosing my touch with illustrations.

The track Diablo gave me an opportunity to do something ugly, hoping that once my arm has recovered from overdoing it towards my deadline (the first 5 pages of VERMILION are complete and will preview in the next issue of Zenpop), I can paint this sucker. Like, actually paint it, not cell shade for once.

The album itself... is fantastic. The theme - about a robot boy with an 8bit heart looking for love... it's a great one for electronica enthusiasts!

I leave you with my variation of a meme that's spreading around like wildfire these days. Enjoy!

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