Saturday, 25 June 2011


The urumi (curling blade) is a weapon originating from South India, most popular in the North Malabar Coast of the Kerala state.

I've seen it's use in the film Asoka (2001), where it's extremely flexible that it coiled right around Ashoka's body, yet sharp enough to do critical damage.

However, I first came into knowing of this weapon when I watched the trailer for the 2011 Malluwood film Urumi, of which it must play a major role in trying to defeat Vasco da Gama. 

It is a very difficult sword to master and it's only thought to the best, as incorrect use can cause great damage to its wielder. As it appears, it's most useful for multiple attacks.

Hence, I thought the urumi would be an interesting blade to give to Berbatov, who mainly uses sword based attacks with his shashka.

The text written to the left says 'urumi' in its native Malayalam. To the lower right, I also singed my name in Malayalam.

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