Monday, 18 October 2010

Planning It Out

I have begun to storyboard the first Triggs short comic. I know ages ago I had announced a title for a story, and I had it's basic story set and everything. But really... it wasn't working. I ended up scrapping the idea. However, I may revisit aspects of it in future stories.

What I do have worked out is the format for this series. I'm not revealing it right now... but you'll understand once the comic itself has begun.

The thing is, due to school, portfolio class and my ongoing struggle with my painful arm, I am uncertain when the first story will be released. That being said, you won't have to wait for like, say, 2 pages a week/month or anything like that. I hope to release the short stories in their entirety: every single page of it uploaded to the net in one shot. This may take longer, but you'll be able to enjoy the stories a lot more this way. :) Once I have the first story fully finished, it is only then I will I announce a release date. I don't want to set unrealistic dates and expectations.

I will however try to write a short maybe 2 or 3 page comic for the next issue of Zenpop. With the way things are going, it may be another omake arcade.

Well, Mid-Term Break is next week. So I hope to get the storyboarding finished then and maybe even get a page started. Again, though, I ain't making promises. :)

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