Friday, 3 September 2010

Party time was excellent!!

So like... Nom-Con has been finished for nearly a week now. But because of time for re-cooperation and back to school shinanigans and birthday treats (X3), I didn't get a chance to upload some of the awesome shots of the comic and the beautiful merchandise at the Zenpop table.

Here's the Triggs comic itself... on the day I got them back from the printers.
With a sneaky preview >X3

And here are some of the shots from the Zenpop table itself!!!

All the beautiful Zenpimps that were there: =peachbite=JadeLaunders*minibubble*DustBunny-Studios*noncannonfireworks~7Sinns~Dandare-Rastaban

You were all so amazing! ;A; I'm so happy I got the chance to met you all!!

I wanna say a huge thanks to everyone who stopped at our table, asked for sketches and bought the Zenpop magazine and prints! And especially to those who supported and bought my Triggs comic. This really was a dream come true for me to sell a comic at an artist's alley at a convention. It was super~

Thank you. <3 It means the world to me.

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