Wednesday, 21 July 2010

R136a1 and mini comic for Nom-Con!

Wow, some awesome news today regarding astronomy. Astronomers have discovered a star that is 265 times more larger than our own Sun! In the Tarantula Nebula, neighbouring the Milky Way, lies R136a1, the largest star known to man. You can check out a sweet photograph of it here. Pretty amazing stuff that is.

Now, the first story in the Triggs comic series is still in a working progress, but until then, I've been asked by Zenpop to create a short comic to sell at Ireland's newest anime convention, Nom-Con, which takes place from the 27th -29th August in the D4 Hotels, Ballsbridge, Dublin. And so, I have begun work on a short omake Triggs comic, which will hopefully be on sale at the event!! It's still early days yet... but I think I can pull it off. XD I hope I'll be able to be there to see it sell if it does. If I am able to attend, it won't be for the whole weekend though. :( But I'll make sure I'll have some Triggs illustrations to sell there anyway! Among these will be n e w . a g e . m a n t r a, which is coming along nicely. XD So, come and say hi to the Zenpop team if your going! The group are fantastic and are doing a lot of brilliant work. Please support us!! ^_^;

That's all for now! Take care!
Hayley <3

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